Meet the director - Pamela Valerio
Meet the director - Pamela Valerio
Pamela Valerio

 Pam is trained as an “Orff” Teacher.  What does that mean?

The Orff Approach, is one of several developmental approaches used in music education. It combines singing, movement, speech, and drama into lessons that are similar to a child’s world of play, which creates a child-centered way of learning.

Pamela Valerio, the founding Director of the Murray Bridge Children’s Choir, is an American Music Educator and Soprano.  She holds a Bachelors degree in Music Education (Choral/Voice) from Virginia Commonwealth University, a Masters in Music in Voice from Boston University and obtained her Level III Orff Certification from DePaul University in Chicago.  Both parents were avid choral singers involved in church and community choirs, where Valerio also found her choral beginnings from the age of 3.  As a Soprano soloist, Valerio performed all across the United States, Germany, Namibia and Costa Rica.

As a music educator over the last 15 years, Valerio has taught children ages 5-12 general music and chorus in Boston, MA, Swakopmund, Namibia, New York City and Wilmette, IL (Chicago). Valerio finds inspiration through her previous participation in The Cathedral Choir at the Cathedral of Sacred Heart in Richmond, VA, United Parish Church of Brookline Choir, Boston Baroque, Mascato Youth Choir (Namibia) and the University of Chicago World Music Choir.

Mrs. Valerio is also a wife, mum, aspiring cook, world traveler, and flat white drinker.

Meet our Accompanist

Alexandra Westlake obtained a Bachelor of Music Education from the Elder Conservatorium and has taught music in a variety of settings across South Australia & Victoria. Her skill set lies firstly as an accomplished pianist but also has competency of the clarinet with knowledge and skills on most other instruments. Alexandra has taught classroom music, conducted school bands and choirs, taken private instrumental lessons and implemented music within churches and community groups. Alexandra values music in education in the same way tree seedlings value water, without it, development and growth is harder. Her belief of this stems from the scientific evidence of the way music engages both hemispheric fields of the brain. To experience music is to experience true joy and everyone should have that opportunity!